Imagine you think you might be pregnant, but to be 100% sure you wait for that plus sign, “yes”, or the double line to show up on that flimsy plastic stick. But 2 minutes felt like a lifetime. While waiting I thought about: wow! If I am pregnant my life is going to change forever. My husband was getting ready for work without a clue. Then it was there: those double lines! “We are having a baby”, I said to him and he jumped off his seat while having breakfast and hugged me with joy and excitement. The funny thing was, how soon that sense of happiness and excitement turned into fear! The fear of losing my child, the fear of complications before I had even begun the journey. The what ifs?

First time moms you are not alone…

I always thought getting pregnant was the hardest, once you were, it had to go well, right? However, like many women out there I struggled through my first trimester. Instead of gaining weight, I lost almost 4lbs (which apparently is normal in the first trimester) due to severe loss of appetite and food aversions. Mainly I was tired and stressed about crossing the threshold we call the 3-month mark. I never imagined something as magical as pregnancy would have such a stressful start. Not to mention I was in the last semester of finishing up grad school which added a lot of emotional pressure and stress. At one second I would imagine myself walk the graduation ceremony with pride of my unborn child inside me. But the very next second I would force myself to not have any expectations yet!

So here I was 8 weeks pregnant: stressed out, anxious, sick, and pre-occupied with school. How can it be a beautiful thing? After much research I realized I was not alone. From first time moms to experienced moms, many go through this roller coaster of emotions. I could easily overcome the physical changes, but staying positive and excited was the hardest in the first few weeks.

Things I did to keep myself calm, positive, and hopeful during the first trimester:

Live in the moment – It took a lot of effort to train my mind to not stress about a situation that hasn’t happened. Reality is that you can’t control the future, so why worry about it in the present. I did everything in my control to have a healthy pregnancy: exercising, maintaining a healthy diet, taken prenatal vitamins, etc. I started enjoying the present as much as I could.

Do not Google! – Half knowledge is dangerous! Remember every pregnancy is different. Initially I googled extensively about every twinge and ache. Perhaps it’s just the first time mom thing, but honestly I ended up in a rabbit hole. Instead just call your doctor. Trust the doctor!

Seek Emotional Support – I was open and shared my thoughts with my partner. If you have close friends or family whom you can count on, then talk to them. Your loved ones will lend their ears to you. Although sharing feelings will not change the future, but it’s certainly very therapeutic! 

Exercise – I cut back on strenuous workouts, but a gentle walk or a jog is alright as long as it’s allowed by your doctor. I preferred walking 30-45 mins each day on treadmill and it worked for me.

Treat yourself – Movies, concerts, restaurants, online retail therapy, and long drives were my way of relaxing and enjoying the time.  Hanging out with friends surely made me forget about my anxieties.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to bear in mind that every pregnancy is different. This was my first trimester experience but I can assure you that as I progressed along the pregnancy, things got better and beautiful in its own way. I wouldn’t change this experience for the world. Having faith, staying active and being mentally happy made a significant difference to my lifestyle in this particular phase! That’s what I think swasthliving is all about. 

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